Prindi see leht


In order to live in a residence hall without any worries until the end of your studies, you have to follow three basic rules:

  • The due date for the rent invoice is the 20th date of every month – invoices can be paid by bank transfer or by direct debit.
  • The time for retiring is 23.00 on a business day and at midnight at weekends and during holidays – loud music is not allowed and the guests are not allowed after that.
  • Good order in the rooms – smoking is not allowed indoors (except in the smoking rooms that can be found on every floor in the residence hall, as well as the consumption of alcohol and narcotic drugs. The tenants themselves have to clean the apartment – the rooms, kitchen, toilet and shower.

Please also read:

General terms and conditions (Annex no. 1 to Lease Agreement)

Dormitory house rules (Annex no. 2 to Lease Agreement)

Operating instructions (Annex no. 3 to Lease Agreement)

as well as the Frequently Asked Questions section on this page.