Prindi see leht


This dormitory called “Torn” (or "Tower") at Kreutzwaldi 52 was built in 1977. In May 2003 it was closed for renovations. It was reopened in November 2004. There are mostly twin rooms in Torn.  Usually 2-3 rooms share a bathroom and kitchen.

Rent for the rooms                                                                                         

Twin room ( small )*   144 euros a month

Twin room ( large )    150 euros a month

Single room                  85 euros a month                             

Deposit:   per one place in the room 100 €

*You share the bathroom and kitchen with four persons.

To get the rent per person, the rent is divided by the number of people in the room. In addition to the rent the tenants have to pay for the communal public services, i.e. hot and cold water, heating, electricity.